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Toro Snow Blower Power Clear 721 RC 38751 <br><span style="color:#4C721D">Please Call 855-669-7278 For Availability</span>

Part Number38751
Product NameToro Snow Blower Power Clear 721 RC 38751
Please Call 855-669-7278 For Availability
Quantity on HandIn Stock
Type Single Stage
Engine Size212 cc
Electric StartNo
Clearing Width21"
Weight84 lbs
Feature One* Single Stage Snow Blower
* 212 cc Toro Premium 4-Cycle Engine
* Extended Life Paddles
* Reflective Ergonomic Handle
* Heavy-Duty Drive Belt
* Power Curve® System moves more snow in less time and helps eliminate clogging
* Power Propel® Drive System moves the machine forward and saves push work
Toro Snow Blower Power Clear 721 RC 38751
with 212 cc premium 4-cycle engine is a compact machine that packs plenty of power for easy snow removal. Equipped with a 21” clearing width, this best-selling Toro model tackles snow to quickly finish routine tasks. Toro’s Power Curve® system also uses a curved rotor and inverted funnel housing to move more snow in less time, while a Power Propel® drive system moves the machine forward for you. Plus, with a 2-year full warranty, the Toro Snow Blower Power Clear 721 RC 38751 is poised for performance for years to come.

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